What's Your Aura Got To Do With It?
Many have heard of the term 'aura', as the energy that encompasses your body and the space around it. Your aura is your soul. It is dynamic atomic energy that shifts colors with your emotions and flies around. The sounds and colors of the aura was first detected by UCLA biophysicist Dr. Valerie Hunt in 1953. 

As a 'Soul Healer and Aura Whisperer' I have been gifted in reading the information of all of your auras. I work with them on a soul level to to help you create the life you desire. 

Eileen has over 20 years of experience supporting professionals, moms, families and children, also including those with special needs. She uses the most advanced energy therapy protocols, products and services customized to your individual needs. 

I look forward to speaking with you soon!


Soul Whisperer and Aura Healer Eileen Joy Kurlander, SHC

Shine Bright

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