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Memory Loss, Dementia and Alzheimers NEW Answers

by Eileen Kurlander on 02/21/13

Are you interested in anti-aging, or a baby boomer losing your memory, have aging parents with dementia or alzheimers?  Answers here.

The latest in brain science findings has the entire spectrum of healers, therapists and doctors looking for ways to improve brain function.  I have found it is a process that requires releasing past trauma, increasing brain integration, growing brain matter, increasing neural connections, proper rebalancing. 

Research proves stress and overproduction of a certain protein in the brain are the ultimate brain killers. Stress increases circulating cortisol levels, offering progressive destruction of neurons, acting as battery acid to the brain, causing it to shrink, making it hard to learn new information or retain the information you already have.  Additionally, vasoconstriction—reduced blood and oxygen supply to any organ, especially the brain, also leads to dementia.  Also attributing to dementia are sleep deprivation, poor nutrition, poor exercise, non-supplementation of nutrients, traumas, pesticides, neurotoxic personal use products and environments.  With alzheimers, we know neural connections disintegrate from overproduction of a protein in the brain.  A drug to block the protein is years away from development.     

Short bouts of aerobic exercise increase BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), which when released into the system enhances brain growth, neural connections, and overall function of the brain.  According to Dr. John Ratey, MD, it's 'miracle grow' for the brain.  Aerobic exercise as well as a metabolic reduction of inflammation  in the belly have been proven to aid the brain.  Controlling insulin levels aids the brain along with eating brain-happy foods like nuts, Omega 3's and avocados.

According to leading Gerontologist, Dr. Aboo Nassar, MD, MPH, ABHM, board certified in Internal Medicine, Geriatrics and Holistic Medicine, dementia, (brain lack) is a soaring problem among baby boomers.  Fifteen percent of those 65 years old and over have dementia. A staggering one-half of all those over 80 years old have dementia. Further, Dr. Nassar believes 2/3 of all 'diagnosed alzheimers' patients are misdiagnosed; and actually have dementia. 

How does Brain Entrainment Work?

The new sciences of brain neuroplasticity and neurogenesis prove external brain stimulation offers a conducive environment where neurons and neural connections increase firing activity and brain cells grow and expand in both grey and white matter. Through brain entrainment we can gain memory, bring back brain function, begin to think and act rationally, influence mental capacity, word fluency, cognition, executive function, emotional and brain health.

Our brain can be actively influenced and change itself with external stimuli.  You can use written or video game brain teasers, special body movement programs, obtain new interests as well as chattering/socializing. People who obtain good brain hemispheric synchronization in both parts of the brain are usually, happier, more content, healthier, emotionally more stable and less prone to mental dysfunction. Brain entrainment programs can provide much of this.  By applying dominant external stimulus to change the brain with natural brainwave frequencies—alpha, beta, delta, theta wavelengths can be very effective.

One type of Audio-Visual Brain Entrainment System, the iSLRS, integrated sound and light relaxation system, is designed to stimulate brainwaves towards normal balanced electrical activity using optical and acoustic signals.  It uses combinations of sound (binaural, monaural and isochronic), with visual color (white or colored light). The iSLRS offers natural brain wave frequencies within a unique Chinese Organ Clock Program that matches brain states and normal functions matching waking daytime alertness, afternoon relaxation, evening deep sleep and sleeptime dream states. The programs are designed to stimulate, and bring into balance each brain state.

The iSLRS, a SPA FOR YOUR BRAIN, “bathes your brain with the rest and renewal it needs to return to balance and equilibrium.  Mental focus, clarity and productivity improve.  Irritability gives way to a sense of wellbeing.” MediConsult USA

The iSLRS's morning alertness setting, saturated with entraining beta waves, in the frequency range from 12 Hz to about 30 Hz is a faster frequency, activating the body and mind and is necessary for cognitive functions such as concentration and memory.  Entraining beta waves are excellent for abnormal states of low arousal, and for calming an over-active mind. Warning: Persons who suffer with states of anxiety, mental instability, frequent headache or migraine headache should consult their physician or licensed health care practitioner before using the iSLRS.  Beta wave entrainment may enhance such states.

The noontime Alpha brain wave frequencies from 8 Hz to 12 Hz are slower, promoting relaxation and creativity, giving the brain rest from morning activities and providing after lunch relaxation/rejuvenation. This state supports 'winding down' and relaxation without losing the ability to focus. It offers reduction of stress, anger and pain, yet increases focusing. Alpha waves also reduce circulating cortisol levels and helps activate the parasympathetic system of regeneration and relaxation.

The evening setting, saturated with Theta waves, 3.5-7.5 Hz offers total mental relaxation. Calming the brain activity leaving you relaxed, but not sleepy and on the threshold of the supermemory state where thoughts become clearer and emotions are into balance.  In this dream memory or REM (rapid eye movement state), information is transferred to the long-term memory. 

The night frequencies in Delta, 0.5-4 Hz, help stabilize individual deep sleep cycles. Consciousness is very receptive and is in an optimal state to activate cell regeneration for the entire organism.  The anti-aging remedy HGH, human growth hormone only develops in this state.

The iSLRS sound and light relaxation system offers easy to control volume adjustment, comfortable full earphone headset and a synchronizing eye goggle including (3) LED strobe color options for further enhancement. Red for energy, vitality. Green for extra calmness and overall wellbeing, blue for inner connection and security. 

The high-tech, German engineered iSLRS brain entrainment system is part of the iMRS PEMF Whole Body Wellness System. The iSLRS can be used by itself or in combination with the iMRS, a vasodilation (opposite of vasoconstriction) oxygenating system, offering full being stress reduction, rejuvenation or targeted speed healing.  Contraindicated for epileptics or those who have experienced seizures. The iMRS and iSLRS are produced in the largest medical device manufacturing plant in the world, it is FDA certifed for sales in the USA.

With every order of an iMRS wellfit, iMRS complete or iMRS professional you will receive a FREE iSLRS system as well as a FREE Kiseki Matcha Chado SET (including a tea set and accessories!) and a FREE book „Kiseki Matcha – The green Wonder“ now through the end of April 2013.  A savings of $ 747.95 !  You may also take advantage of our $500. trial purchase for 1 month for just $500.

Call or email with any questions.

Eileen Kurlander

Wholistic Energy Coach and Healer

MediConsult Lifestyle Technician and International Sales Representative

(858) 945-7532 USA PST

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