Science admits illness is not based on germs and genes alone.  Eileen's Medical Intuitive Services can assist your understanding of your health challenges and how parts of your life may be playing a role in your health and recovery.  Experience Eileen's Energy Healing tools that may create an enhanced impact on your health and wellness and speed recovery.

Are you overwhelmed, confused or uncertain?  Eileen can help assess and develop a plan to better health and wellness, while also incorporating your team of Western, Complementary and Alternative health providers.  

Consultations and coaching include healing services for rebalancing including pain, phantom pain, injury, surgery, coma, hospital visits and more.

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Post Surgical Mishap

Steven and Sima Ross
My Heart Procedure
"Eileen’s work was very helpful to me during a period of heightened stress. As a healthcare provider myself, I have been trained to focus on the medical/procedural aspect of treatment. Eileen opened my eyes to see that the mind/body connection is extremely important. I believe that she directly contributed to the success of a heart procedure recently performed on me at UCSD Hospital. The energy healing work she did before surgery must have worked. Eileen dramatically reduced the expected 8 hour procedure time to only 1 hour. The surgeons said that when they got into the area, they noticed it was much improved and required much less work than they had expected.
 "A while later, I asked Eileen to work with me again before and after a second procedure. She was able to reduce my stress and anxiety immediately prior to the next procedure --remotely. It helped move me into a more positive state of mind amid all of the chaos going on at the hospital. Afterwards, she visited me multiple times, assisting me in achieving a more successful outcome and a faster recovery. Eileen has a unique talent that can help you too!"
Harvard Graduate, 1985

 You Helped Me Get My Life and Health Back!
 "Outside of my Doctors, I didn't know where to go or who to turn to.  My overall health and pain was  worsening, I was getting sicker and this had been going on for 3 years with my Doctors and health practitioners.  I was overwhelmed, exhausted, confused and in pain.  A friend who had gone to Eileen referred me. 
   Though it was hard for me to wrap my head around how she does it, this alternative approach effectively coached me and my wholistic energy systems. Eileen could read my needs and directed me back to some of my traditional as well as my alternative practitioners with specific outlines. She brought my attention to additional medical issues to see my Doctors about and helped me develop an overall plan prioritized to the urgencies my body was telling her.  She also coached energy to areas of pain. The pain that had been altering my life for years was definitely reduced. There was visible healing in areas that had been worsening over the years. I am now in the driver seat to get my life and health on track.  
  This was helpful to me in so many ways.

1.5 Months Later....  
"I am calling to thank you so much for the work you did, you really helped guide and heal me.  You helped me be able to talk effectively to my doctors and helped me gain control over my health.  I want to thank you so much, I'm now pain free, the internal areas are completely healed, all of the medical problems are gone.  I am so grateful to everything you have done."
-Christy McElwee

Regarding Fertility and Female Issues"
Pregnant After All These Years
"We’d been trying to get pregnant to add to our family for years. Eileen pinpointed the location in our community that I visited frequently that was causing my body's miscarriages. I followed her advise and didn't return there. I became pregnant in the amount of time she said I should and I conceived again. Our family thanks you!"
-R.L. Rancho Bernardo, CA

Post Partum Depression Gone
"I felt better after and recovered from Post Partum Depression 3 months earlier than I had with my previous pregnancy. Thank you!!"  
-R.O. Mira Mesa, Ca

My Baby Dream Arrived!
"After meeting Eileen, I was confident she could handle it. I had been looking to become pregnant, and with her, I finally did!  
 My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant and were on our third time doing in-vitro.
I met with Eileen before and during the in-vitro. It worked! We had a child and I delivered a healthy boy at 44 years old! Thank you for helping out.
My OB/GYN called me her miracle!"  
-R.J. Encinitas

Fertility Advances
"I met with Eileen after not knowing all the reasons I couldn't conceive...we met three times and within one month I became pregnant."
Mother of a Beautiful Son
La Jolla, CA

Going to see Eileen changed my and my family's life!  I'm off my medications.
"When I went to see Eileen, my life with myself, my husband and my kids was a mess. Just to stay motivated and off the couch, I used to drink (2) 32 ounce diet cokes plus another 16 ounces of coke throughout the day for the caffeine. I had been off and on medications for 10 years. I was on the highest medication dose given for both anxiety and depression. On top of that I had to take a heavy duty Trazadone medication to get to sleep. I was still waking up at 3 am every night and up for several hours.
Living in a high stress environment at home was killing me. 

A local clothing store owner referred me to Eileen. I went in and had a few Great Fix sessions and continued on with weekly life coaching. After a few sessions, I started to feel better, and as I felt better I could see the work we were doing was turning my life around.  

In the past, when getting off cokes I got horrible headaches so I wasn't ready to let go of the cokes. I could cut back on my meds a little bit. As I continued to see Eileen, I got stronger, I approached my doc about getting off my meds. I bought the iMRS mat from Eileen and started to get off of the anxiety and depression medications. It was easy and I was using the iMRS regularly. I worked with Eileen and got off of the diet cokes with just tiredness for withdrawal. Then it took 2-3 weeks and I got off the sleeping medication. The whole thing took me a month and a half to get off all caffeine and all my medications. I'm also sleeping through the night.

Going to see Eileen was a life changing event. I feel great. I'm not sitting on the couch all day anymore. I'm getting things done. I can't believe how working with Eileen was so fun and easy. I see my life more clearly and what I want to do for my myself and my kids. Both of my kids have gone to see her, and both with excellent results. Eileen has a lot of tools to help and we always leave happier than when we came in."
Thank you!