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Our shop is family-owned and operated and has been in business since 1970.  Unlike a lot of shops, we receive daily shipments of flowers, so you know our blooms will always be fresh and beautiful.  Ivan Lee Smith, our lead designer, has studied floral arrangement technique all over the world, and he brings his unique expertise to each and every order.  His staff consists of 20 creative and experienced floral designers who are eager to help you create a unique vision for your order. 

Our delivery range is from up to 20 miles from our location, and we use refrigerated vans so your flowers are guaranteed to arrive fresh and beautiful.
"I've been preparing flowers for weddings and other special occasions for over five years. The most rewarding part of my job has been to help our special brides prepare for their special days!"
- Stacy Adams
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Before you make your bouquet selection, please enjoy our beautiful gardens, where we select all our special flowers.
You will not find a more GREEN experience than in our garden. We use all bio-degradable planters, and tap into the rivers surrounding our shop for our water. We change our water settings depending on the time of year to minimize our impact.

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"Surely the stone will cry out from the wall, And the rafter will answer it from the framework." Bible Habakkuk 2:11

We know structures and land hold the traumas and difficulty patterns of their owners.  They also hold the built up emotional energy from everyday life. Tune*Ups Whaplac Property and Land Clearing can clear the house and land from prior owner's life and emotion that gets stuck behind. The Tune*Ups Whaplac Energy clearing also clears your own misgivings, insults, fights, if you are the current occupant.  

A Tune*Up Whaplac service also remove low, heavy and unstable energy.  Energy settled from fighting, divorce, abuse, death, and even ghosts or wormholes.  

This on-site or remote evaluation and clearing includes the entire property including all interior and exterior structures, the land and atmosphere.  Energy clearings take 2-9 hours, have a positive effect for everyone and are especially great for sellers, buyers and agents.

​Raise the vibration of the house or business, allow it to feel good, clean again.
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Wholistic House, Property, Land, Atmospheric Clearing (Whaplac)
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Wholistic House and Property, Land and Atmospheric Clearing- Whaplac
Ghost Clearing

Stephanie and her roomate's house had repeated problems with unwanted energies near and in the house.
My Realtor Knew Something Was Preventing Interest in the House and a Final Sale

"We had our home on the market for 5 months. The price was right, our Realtor did a great job in promoting and marketing our property...posted in all the websites, email campaigns, newspaper, direct mailing, etc....we had more than 25 open houses, 55 private showings, 25 staging, fresh flowers, music and even fresh baked cookies.  But for some reason, buyers were not totally impressed with the house. Finally, we decided to call Eileen. After she finished the cleanse, I drove up to a different house, it felt good, peaceful. The heavy energy that was in some rooms was gone and instead it felt light, just like a happy house.  Literally, 2 days after the house energy clearing, we received 2 great offers.  Now the house is SOLD! 
  THANK YOU Eileen you are clearing my next house!"

-Carmel Valley Homeowner

​She Cleared Our White Elephant Office Building and It SOLD!

"We'd been trying to sell our office building for a grueling 3 years.  We asked Eileen to help us as we couldn't figure out why it wasn't selling.  Eileen did a long distance energy clearing on the building we owned.  Afterwards, she acknowledged it was clear and we would likely have a buyer and sell it within 3 months.  Unbelievable to us, that's how it happened."

-Dr. S.B.  Southern California, CA 

Property Listings Need a Professional Clearing so we can GET IT SOLD!
"Based on the list my buyer client had for his home,  I know we walked into (6) 'Right Houses' for him.  I believe it was the prior owners 'emotional baggage' still stuck in the house that led him to repeat, "It just doesn't feel right."  I believe had those homeowners had a professional house clearing, my job and his house hunt would have been much quicker and easier.

-Buyer's Agent, Carmel Valley San Diego

From Marijuana Farming to Happy and Healthy Family and Home

"The couple we bought our house from told us the owners before them had been growing marijuana on the lower level of the house.  After we moved in, one of my sons started smoking heavily.  I also didn't like and would avoid going down to the lower level for some reason.  We decided to have the Whaplac.  What a difference!  The downstairs feels completely clear and feels great now.  The whole house feels like there is love in it.  Eileen worked on my son to clear and rebalance him.  He looked so light and good afterwards.
Eileen also left us with a customized list of recommendations to continue to keep our house happy and healthy.  I had no idea something like this could be done.  Thank you.

-Happy Homeowner, Del Mar, CA  

Sage Clearing Instructions
Maintain good energy in your home
To maintain good energy, regular clearing with sage and sweetgrass is advisable.  Clear rooms after  disagreements, arguments, parties that don't go well, unpleasant guest or friend visits.