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Energy Device Healing Session

​Come for a relaxing, rejuvenating, pain relieving iMRS wellness session with Eileen. Pulsating Electromagnetic Fields have been proven to reduce inflammation and pain and gain circulation, oxygenation and health.

This at-home device can be rented or purchased during your health or injury crisis.  
It is ideal used several times a day anytime, anywhere for the rest of your life.  
Bring daily wellness into your life with PEMF's Magnetic Resonance Stimulation.  

Laura - Results after using the energy mat
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Our shop is family-owned and operated and has been in business since 1970.  Unlike a lot of shops, we receive daily shipments of flowers, so you know our blooms will always be fresh and beautiful.  Ivan Lee Smith, our lead designer, has studied floral arrangement technique all over the world, and he brings his unique expertise to each and every order.  His staff consists of 20 creative and experienced floral designers who are eager to help you create a unique vision for your order. 

Our delivery range is from up to 20 miles from our location, and we use refrigerated vans so your flowers are guaranteed to arrive fresh and beautiful.
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You will not find a more GREEN experience than in our garden. We use all bio-degradable planters, and tap into the rivers surrounding our shop for our water. We change our water settings depending on the time of year to minimize our impact.

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Earth-based energy is the same energy that causes humans, plants and animals to grow and thrive. Our devices emit the same safe and proven low range frequencies that oxygenates our cells, causing them to move out of stress, dysfunction and disrepair towards normalizing and then thriving. PEMF has been proven to reduce inflammation and pain, increase circulation, oxygenation and health.

Eileen uses the iMRS device on a case by case basis and she may recommended it to augment your recovery. See Below For More Details. 

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 e-Earth Energy.com Devices
Laura Williams Shares Her 1st Experience, its Chemical Change and Pain Relief 

Nichola Burnett's Turnaround Experience at a BUSY 3-Day Conference

PEMF studies show 80% of people with insomnia resolve sleep issues. 
IFIM Conference Attendee Comments on Trial Use of the e-Earth Energy Systems

3-days of trials 
Over 2000 Studies Worldwide using PEMFs, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field

Electromagnetic Fields Shrink Human Tumors-Laboratory Testing

Call to request a comprehensive list of studies.

I understand wholistic spiritual counseling is a guided spiritual conversation. I understand the goal of spiritual health coaching is to facilitate and restore harmony and balance in a non-invasive manner coaching the process of self-help and healing, with the aid of Spirit.  

This work is not a replacement for standard medical care. Rev. Dr. Eileen Joy Kurlander DD (h.c.) does not practice Conventional Medicine; the focus of health on the physical manifestations in the physical body with its healing goal to repair symptoms of diseased material substance which is of mind, intelligence and life itself. Eileen Kurlander practices Spiritual Healing. It includes a full spectrum understanding that health includes the soul and Spirit. Spiritual healing is healing all of the connectivity with forms from soul and spirit, healing the intuitive errors and mental blocks and re-harmonizing you.

Eileen is a Spiritual Health Coach and coaches you through your process. Eileen is not the cause of the changes. Change is within your control, the control of the individual. Spiritual Health Coaching complements traditional health care and can be used in collaboration with other approaches to health and healing. 

Ideal results require you to actively participate as much as possible in advancing yourself. Sessions are for the sole purpose of assisting you to BUILD YOUR OWN LIFE.