An Energy Service where YOU get to ask the questions.  
Information is available on anything having to do with your life, career, health, business, relationship, family, finances, etc.
Hear from yourself,  your guides and mentors. 

Q & A can be a stand alone or add-on to any other service.  
In-person, skype or by phone.
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 Question and Answer Session
Q and A Session - It was so profound, it led to energy work that helped me.

The first time I shared my life of different dramatic unconnected events, Eileen gave me an overall picture of what had been really been going on and what was still driving me.  I decided to do energy work to clear it all.  What a change!  

When I need clarity and directions, I call for a 
Q & A Session.  Quickly fixing things with Eileen's energy work is exactly what I have the time for.