​Everyone gains balance so you live the life and home you've dreamed.

Quickly get your relationship on track. Re-balance the connection to yourself, your spouse, and your children. Receive healing of childhood role modeling, current situational issues and other impacting issues. Change your daily living habits with Eileen's new techniques to  improve your relationships.  Bring passion back to your life and love back into your family. 

Stop the misery, don't ink the divorce papers, Tune Up to a better Marriage.  Change your life and situation with Tune Ups Marriage Coaching Program, 10-weeks of private coaching/healing sessions to help you change your life and situation.  Turn Your Marriage into a Vacation. Details Below!

Couples/Family Program creates healthy parents, getting you in sync together so you can become good family leaders. Change even the most out of control situations quickly with expert guidance and advise through this unique coaching/healing program.   

Parent/Family Program helps parents with divorce challenges, children with disabilities, learning, speech, social, emotional and autism spectrum and other issues in the coaching/healing program.

Whole Family Program-includes parents, children, pets, the house itself, in-laws, etc... Combination sessions for any and all issues.  Fertility consultation, teen issues,  mother/daughter issues, parenting, etc. The Wish Game may also be included.

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Family Relationships-Couples, Teens, Children
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 Relationships-Family, Couples, Marriage
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Relationships - Family, Couples, Marriage
Revamped My Marriage

Steven and Sima Ross

Me, My Marriage and Our Family Were In Shambles​  
When first referred to Eileen, I was curious about Mind, Body & Spirit Tune*Ups Counseling and what it could really offer, especially since I was so well-versed in the medical and psychology fields. But our dear friends had worked with Eileen and her program and turned their life and marriage around, so we were willing to call and find out more.  My husband and I are both professionals and have everything we want on the outside. However, on the inside, we'd been living separate, unsatisfying lives with each other and our children. Our lives were scattered, we had too much staff, juggled the children, overused 'screen time' with our Blackberries, video gaming, computers and television, didn't have meals together, often ate alone in our rooms, in front of the television and in our offices, not really seeing each other.  Family vacations were miserable.  Our family life and marriage were miserable, out of our control and hopeless--or so it seemed.

I'm a Psychologist from a prestigious Eastern University, own a private healthcare consulting firm and consult with the top Mid-Western and Eastern University Teaching Hospitals. I know the work the Psychologists and Doctors are doing, and have worked with many of them personally. I can tell you, Eileen Kurlander's techniques for getting to the heart of the matter then opening the door to resolve and healing are beyond what current Doctors and Psychologists are offering.  Eileen is a gifted and talented healer coach and has helped guide me, my husband and children to change and improve our daily life, marriage and relationships, including learning challenges.  We have also improved both of our private practices through her Executive and Business Coaching Program.

My Coach, thank you for everything. We feel so lucky to have been guided by you to a better life, self and marriage.  Our parenting and family life is so different and satisfying now.  We have you to thank for guiding us and are so grateful to have you in our life.  Thank you.    

Doctor and Attorney Family  

We'd Tried Other Spiritual Therapy
My wife and I had tried couples counseling and spiritual therapy for many years.  I can tell you that Eileen is one of the most talented healers that I have ever worked with. She creates light where there is darkness. She establishes hope when all hope is lost, and she helps to manifest positive outcomes when all viable options seem to be exhausted. Simply put, Eileen helps to transform people and couples into a much better place. 

My marriage was on the brink of breaking apart and held together only by a thin thread. Through Eileen’s assistance, insight and support, my marriage received a complete overhaul in a short period of time. Today my marriage is not only back on track but it is in many ways better than it has ever been before. If you are seeking an authentic healer who can truly help you to establish a new groove in your marriage, please contact Eileen. You will be amazed by her work and so grateful for all of the gifts that it will bring to you and your spouse.

-Bradley A. Roberts San Diego, CA 

Blended Family of Six with Many Challenges...
I was not the 'same happy, bubbly, outgoing me', a friend who was receiving private coaching from Eileen referred her. I didn't know what to expect, but knew I I loved my husband, but didn't have any energy or much interest, I wasn't fulfilled in my well-built life, nor was I 'present' in the marriage.  

After a couple of months of coaching/healing meetings on Skype with Eileen, my life is on a great track and I feel fabulous, energized and engaged in life, my family and I'm enjoying our activities. Eileen's combination of coaching/healing is really effective. The work seems customized to my/our exact needs, and when I implement each thing each week, there is dramatic improvement. Once I got myself in a good place, I invited my husband to join me in working on our marriage. We started the Couples Start-Up Program.  

I can tell you, without a shadow of a doubt, that her program works. We have implemented everything she has suggested including the individual healing sessions that helped get each of us where we needed to be to change and do the work.

As a result, we are more confortable than we have ever been with each other. Have a sexy energy between us and lovemaking is better than it has ever been. Our life is in sync, we are making time for each other and enjoying our life.

I can't wait to see how she can get it better than this, we are excited to be on the journey.
Thank you Eileen.

-DB & MB  Boston Area, MA

​Resuscitated My Marriage
"Regarding my marriage: Eileen assessed it in a matter of moments, (without months of meetings like traditional therapy) Eileen was able to suggest simple daily changes that have not only enhanced but RESCUED MY RELATIONSHIP WITH MY HUSBAND. It is amazing to see how beautifully he responds to the focused and directed changes I have made under Eileen’s guidance.

-L.O. Bonsall, CA
Tune Ups Marriage Success Coaching
Turn Your Marriage into a Vacation!

Let go of pain, suffering and loneliness. Get a NEW GROOVE and Turn your Marriage Into a Vacation. 

Learn Tune Ups Proprietary Success Tools:
  • 'Rejuvenation' Heal the Past, Traumas
  • 'Monkey Talk' Allay Annoyances
  • 'Groove Time' Create Honor and Love
  • 'Sexy Stuff' Daily Lusciousness 
  • 'Tea Time' Appreciation & Clarification
  • 'Enhancements' Schedule Flow 

​Statistics have shown: 
Happily married couples are OVERALL happier, healthier and live longer.

What does it take be happily married?
What's standing in your way?
Can it really change? 
A GREAT MARRIAGE IS POSSIBLE, even with difficult past and current circumstances. 
Gain clarity, receive healing, learn new behaviors to keep your marriage happy and fresh.

​Tune Ups Proprietary 
(2) INDIVIDUAL Starting Sessions
(11) COUPLES Sessions
(3) 'Road Bump' Phone Calls

You don't have to spend years 'going to therapy', hoping for results. Let go of pain, suffering and loneliness with Eileen's Masterful Healing Techniques. Get a New Groove in Your Marriage with Tune Ups Success Tools.  Learn how to maintain your marriage with proven, fast, fun and friendly techniques. 

Turn your marriage into a vacation. 
Invest in your health, happiness and longevity. 
Love and happiness is minutes away, 
call now for a free consult (858) 945-7532.
 Marriage Success Coaching
 Turn Your Marriage Into A Vacation!