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Play The Wish Game with Eileen 
​Come play a fun, transformative game that leads you on a journey to obtaining your greatest wish. Experience this eye-opening game with your guide, Eileen Kurlander, spiritual counselor and facilitator. Journal your journey, while she helps you develop a blueprint and specific action steps to make your wish come true.

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Sessions for Health and More

Truly understand your health challenges and how the rest of your life may be playing a role in your health and recovery.  Come for a great impact and speed recovery times with Wholistic Energy Coaching.

Eileen can help you develop and oversee a plan to health, incorporating your team of Western, Complementary and many Alternative health providers.  

Consultations and Coaching for pain, phantom pain, ill health, injuries, accidents, before, during and after surgery, before second surgeries, hospital and nursing home visits and coma communication for family guidance. Sessions also for health investigations, couples fertility consulations and answers. Death support, life support and more..

Please Note: Sleeping and taking the rest of the day or days off for rejuvenation is often required after health visits. Calendar this into your schedule ahead of time. 

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Coaching  Executive, Business
Gain balance, clarity and growth in your life and business.
Executive and Business Coaching offers insight and wisdom along with guidance and support to help identify goals, implement strategies, overcome obstacles-personal and professional, to achieve professional goals. May be added to a program or as a stand alone service. 

Continue coaching after your service or start anytime. 90-Minute Spiritual Bioenergetic coaching.
Energy services may be incorporated into the sessions as needed.  
Weekly or daily, in-person, skype or phone. Commit to a better life now.
Call now for your free 10-Minute consultation.

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Eileen Kurlander's Signature Tune*Up Series
Gain excellence in all aspects of your life with a Tune*Up.
High level bioelectromagnetic energy experience to gain equilibrium in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy systems. Gain higher levels of happiness with family, health, life, relationships and consciousness. Enhance your life with a Tune*Up.

Isolation and sleep is an essential part of this 3-day service.  Call to for a free 10-minute phone consultation. 

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PAIN- Extreme Pain - Phantom Relief
Reduce, release, remove pain quick-- possibly permanently.
It has been proven that naturally emitted energy 
provides every resonant frequency for healing. 
Combinations of energy techniques or 
devices are customized to your needs.
Call to find out if your pain is possibly one Eileen can assist with

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Wholistic Property Clearing WHaPLAC
"Surely the stone will cry out from the wall, And the rafter will answer it from the framework." Bible Habakkuk 2:11
Structures and land hold energy.  Clear and raise the vibration of the house, cleaning it so it is free from prior owner's energy or your own misgivings.  This on-site or remote evaluation and clearing includes all structures interior and exterior, the land and atmosphere cleaning.  
 Also removes low, heavy and unstable energy and energy settled from fighting, divorce, abuse, death.  
Great for sellers, buyers, agents. Recommended 2x/year.

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Pets and Animals

Does your pet have health or 
behavioral issues you don't understand? 
Are you unhappy with the medical options?
Gain greater clarity and learn other options.  
Animal Communication offers owner clarity.
Speed injury and wound healing
 with natural or device made energy.
Animal shelter and abuse healing.  Site Visits Available.

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Ask Questions, Obtain Answers-Q&A

An Energy Service where YOU ask the questions.  
Information is available on anything having to do with 
your life, career, health, business, 
relationship, family, finances, etc...
Hear from yourself and your guides and mentors. 
Q & A can be a stand alone or add-on service,
 in-person, skype or phone.

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MEDIUM, Telepathic, Nonverbal Communication

Do you have a loved one in a coma, 
uncommunicative or nonverbal?  
Eileen will help you understand what they want you to know. 
Eileen can open the channels for you to understand them more.  
After-Death Communication: 
Get in touch with a loved one, receive answers, closure, peace.  
Feeling Possessed or Shattered? Try an entity clearing.    

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​ Other Services
Please call to inquire if you don't see a service you are interested in.
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Anti-Aging, Energy Wellness, Pain Relief

Come for a relaxing, rejuvenating, pain relieving iMRS session.
Pulsating Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) has been proven to reduce inflammation and pain, increase circulation, oxygenation and health.
The iMRS is also available for rent or purchase. Can be used several times a day anytime, anywhere. 

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Work, Career and College Directions

Do you know what are your gifts that are unique to you?  
Are you using them to fulfill your life?  
Are you passionate about what you do?  
Maybe it's time to learn what direction is natural for you or redirect yourself towards following your ideal path.  
Guide your work, career and college to what is best for you.  
Eileen will offer you insight, guidance and support.
Work, Career and College Guidance and Support 

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A Whole Being Tune-Up Session
"The BEST Overall Session." 
Enjoy this fact finding and healing session.  You can cover major issues in your life in this full 90-minute session. Includes energy information discovery, counseling, energy solutions and healing.  Eileen helps outline a wholistic plan for you, helping you get clear and open up to solutions for freedom and better states of life and health. Session tailored to your individual needs and may include gentle PEMF iMRS technology, Access Consciousness BARS, Tune*Ups Special Healing, sage smudging, essential oils, affirmations and homework. 

This session is a great place to start and as a continuing service. 
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Gain clarity on where the problems are, so you can heal and grow and enjoy yourself and your family. Stop the fighting, feeling stuck, being misunderstood, or acting out. Eileen's special coaching/healing techniques help you to live a happier, healthier life. Great for everyone! 

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Into A Vacation
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"As a physician, skeptic and analytic, I have been conditioned and trained to doubt energy work. Even knowing there was evidence and science behind it, it still wasn't enough for me to trust and believe in it.  I had to experience it for myself. 

Even after Eileen worked with me, my business, my wife, our children, our dog and our other family members, all with extraordinary results, I STILL had a hard time believing it!  But after several eye-opening experiences, I have become a believer.  Energy works on many things.  Try it.  You won't be disappointed."

- Dr. Steven Ross, Founder 
  Institute for Integrative Medicine
"Eileen is gifted and talented in wholistic  energy.  Her work with intelligent energy in and around the body is the direction and future where total healthcare is headed."

-Beth Greany