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Feel like you're losing it? Feeling 'OFF', Tired, Hopeless, Chaotic, Depressed or Unmotivated? Start with clearing and balancing your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.  

Remove old stuck issues dragging you down and gain mastery of yourself to receive now and be open to receiving the good ahead. Eileen incorporates a variety of energy modalities including gentle iMRS technology, sage, essential oils and energy healing past and present.  
Maintaining balancing treatment recommended once a month for whole being maintenance.
Come visit us and take a tour around our beautiful garden
Daily or weekly coaching to obtain balance, health and happiness.

Continue coaching after your service or start anytime. Gain greater clarity and guidance to live a balanced healthy life.  1-Hour coaching session includes you, your guides and mentor. Energy services may also be incorporated into the sessions.  
This is an in-person, skype or phone service customized to your needs. 
Commit to a better life now.  6-week session or 3-Month to yearly commitment. 
The Great Fix Staceys
The BEST Overall Session

Cover major issues in your life in this 90-minute session.  Session includes both energy discovery and energy healing.  Eileen outlines a plan towards a more balanced physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life.  Get clear and open up to freedom and achieve  better states of health. 
Session tailored to your individual needs and may include gentle iMRS technology, sage smudging, essential oils and affirmations. 
Eileen recommends 6-7 Great Fix Sessions a year for continued health and well being.

The Great Fix  
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Heart Issues, Pain, Relief and Loss

A Great Fix Cleared and Refocused Life

Immediate Eye Repair!  I didn't require surgery and got my vision back right away!  
"The great thing about Tune*Ups with Eileen Joy is how good I feel after each appointment! My first session was about my eye. I have diabetic retinopathy which is due to my blood sugar being high and creating tiny tears in the retina which cause "floaters," spots, or streaks, due to blood leaking out. I had just been to my specialist who said he may have to do surgery if it doesn't clear up. We were to give it 2 months to clear.
  I called Eileen later that day and went right in for an emergency appointment. Right after the first appointment, I was 80% clear and could stop wearing my eye patch. Appointments 2 and 3 supported my eye even further as well as eliminated the pains I was having for 2 years in my left rib--that was unexpected as I didn't even tell her about the pain. Each appointment, I gained a more balanced mental clarity. 
  I am so glad I called her, it was painless, she makes it seem effortless for her and the session was short and to the point.
I would recommend Eileen Joy to anyone. She is your first choice and your last choice."
-Celeste Kelley, Escondido, Ca

Customized Guidance For Everyone  
​"The customized guidance that Eileen is capable of sharing has beyond exceeded my expectations.
Working with Eileen has been one of the most life changing experiences I have ever had. I had no idea what to expect going in, but I came home with the guidance and healing that both my mind and my body desperately needed. Eileen helped me prioritize and balance issues from viewpoints I never would have thought of.  
  I knew I had to share this incredible opportunity, to give others a chance to meet Eileen and have their issues resolved. I sponsored a whole day of Eileen's services to friends and family, the overall feedback from the guests was the feeling of resolve, relief, and gratitude.  
  I can honestly say that everyone can benefit from a session. Book an appointment and see for yourself."
-Stephanie Kass   

Eileen's Work is Consistently Good
 "I'm so happy to have found someone who can actually help me. Her skills are consistent every time: clarity, answers, guidance and wellbeing." 
-Jasmyn Agneaux

Thank you.  You are wonderfully gifted!
"Sooo many good things are continuing to happen for me!  Since working with you, I'm happier, resolved about my job, have good relationships, life, outlook and appearance.  I'm getting amazing feedback at work.  After I rented the MRS 2000 wellness mat for 2 months, I decided to purchase one for myself, even though it was a financial strain. Once I made the commitment to myself, an extra $ making opportunity came up. Now, I'm able to move out of my Mom's house and amazingly, the beautiful guest house I was living in somehow just became available again and I am moving back in.
Things have made a complete turn around in my life.
 I'm sooo grateful to you and all of your help. You are wonderfully gifted in the area of healing and freeing people of blockages and emotional baggage...again thank you."

-Laura W
• Energy eliminates and nullifies man-made errant frequencies that get stored in the human body.  Repeated environmental exposure (60cps) comes from cell phone use, computer exposure, cell towers and environmental electromagnetic hazards--microwaves, power stations, stantions, etc. create ill effects. (60cps).

• Energy increases the energy level of every single cell in the body to the ideal 70-90-millivolt range. (7.8 Hertzian measured levels). This measurement occurs in Healthy cells and healthy systems.

• Energy balances out the two hemispheres of the brain, again as measured by EEG tests.• Energy increases the energy covalent level of every single hydrogen atom in the body as verified by spectrographs. This is significant because covalent hydrogen bonds are what hold your DNA together.

​​​• Energy improves immune function by as much as 149% as proven in laboratory studies. Nothing else improves the immune system to such calibrated functions.

• Energy increases overall body energy levels as a result of increasing cellular energy for trillions of cells.

•Energy cleanses the blood, increases health of the body systems. Improving chylomicron level (protein/fat particles floating in the blood) and triglyceride profiles and fibrin patterns. Energy's Detoxification Amplification increases health of the body systems.
• Energy works as an antidepressant since it inhibits the uptake of non adrenaline by PC12 nerve cells.

• Energy Improves mental focus as demonstrated by increased amplitude of EEG frequencies.
Science/Laboratory Testing
Energy Healing For Health