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​Western Medicine has traditionally used a chemical model of human health and illness based on chemical reactions in the body.  With the advent of the atomic age, there has been a gradual shift into an energy based model.  Biofeedback devices and tens units have slowly led the way for more advanced healing here in the USA, while the rest of the world has not just been exploring, but using various types of energy healing devices for over 100 years.  

The latest devices are used in the world of energy for both treatment and diagnostics.  These quantum diagnostic devices have themselves been used to prove that highly skilled energy healers can both detect dis-ease in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as well they can emit, on demand, every resonant frequency known to man.  Providing BETTER results than machines;  so healers who can match energy frequencies can benefit health and healing.  

Here is the story of how I was introduced to the world of energy.

While working as a Commercial Textile Representative,  I was exposed to industrial toxins, harmful dyes and chemicals causing me to become severely ill and unable to work. I was officially diagnosed by a well-known allergist as having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome due to 'off the charts' industrial toxins.  Regardless, I was determined to reclaim my life and health.  

Feeling and looking horribly ill, I searched everywhere to find a cure. In 1993 I exhausted Traditional American Medical Options (TAMO), leaving the confines and limitations of science and rationalism, turning instead to Alternative Medicine.  I used Chinese herbs, a raw food diet, energy information techniques, mental and emotional healing, prayer and affirmation, colon cleansing, acupuncture, Ayurvedic practices, transcendental meditation, yoga and put on biorhythm energy emitting pulsors during my healing journey.  

After a long and arduous 10 months, I gained a degree of health, but I didn't stop there.  I continued my journey to optimal health through exploration of other mind-body-spirit techniques.  

A German massage therapist introduced frequency devices to me.  After purchasing them and placing them on me daily,  they helped my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual systems gain energy and re-balance themselves, causing me to begin to thrive again. 

This use of energy fascinated me. I also learned energy is information and how to gain information from my higher self using a question and answer format with a pendulum.  I'd advanced those skills towards superior communication for others and practiced energy healing with Reiki, Pulsor Theory and Dahn Healing.  

The most pronounced healing effects and advanced coaching techniques come from incorporating the guidance of the higher self.  Having the internal source of truth and knowingness part of the conscious journey makes it easy to know what is needed.  I combine these techniques in a system I call TuneUps.   

My results using the TuneUp method were recognized in healer schools when my results as compared to those of other student practitioners, were labeled as 'extraordinary', 'miraculous' and transcendent to the modern parameters of expectation. Their ultimate result is improved life, health and relationships. 

Impacting stress is today's constant bombardment of man-made energy as a large contributor to ill health.  I have found super-nutrition, smart exercise and energy rebalancing with a TuneUp leads the way to thriving
Please allow me to be your guide as you join me for an exciting journey into the new frontier, living the life you want with vibrant, youthful energy with happiness and health as our destination.


Eileen Joy Kurlander

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"Energy frequency is everything, energy trumps chemistry."  
                                    - Albert Einstein
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Eileen Kurlander, Chapter President
Eileen Joy Kurlander
Eileen Kurlander, Holistic Business Toastmasters Club President, 2014