Eileen's Abilities - Testimonial
Proof of Changes using High-Tech Computer Microscope 

"I was conducting a research study with clinical trial for the wellness effects from energy producing devices for wellness.  I took blood drop samples before and after subjects received energy from an energy producing mats for 8 minutes and evaluated the results under a computerized microscope, through Dark Field Microscopy.

​Eileen laid on the mat and directed the energy produced from the mat to herself for her own wellness. Afterwards, her blood results were OUTSTANDING.  I was already impressed with the results this mat was producing, however the health of Eileen's blood was RADICALLY IMPROVED over anything I had ever seen.  Further, blood changes appeared to be permanent.

Eileen's results were 40% better than the BEST results I had found on any energy producing mat.  Her blood chemistry changes appeared permanent, as I viewed them for over 15 minutes. 

As typical blood shows results show a 'switching back' to its old state of health and very quickly, I was VERY IMPRESSED by her abilities." 

Duane Fowler 
Dark Field Microscopist

Others Have Reported Natural Energy Results Can:

​• Improve immune function by as much as 149% as proven in laboratory studies.

• Improve mental clarity

• Balance both hemispheres of the brain

• Helps with depresssion and mood ailments

• Eliminate and nullify the ill effects of man-made frequencies.

• Anti-Aging and Increased Vitality

• Improved Blood Chemistry as proven with microscopic testing

• Helpfulness to Injury and Healing

• Improved Circulation

• Increased Consciousness

• Pain / Phantom Pain Relief

• Helpful to Medical Conditions

• Mental and Emotional Rebalancing

• Past Life Understanding and Their Healings

• Improved Physical Performance

• Improved Sexual Performance

• Releasing Old, Traumatic or Difficult Memories and Emotions

• Relationships Understandings and Connections

• See and Understand Life Lessons

• Ancestral Traits, Curses, Bleed Through Life Corrections

• Plus more...individual results always vary.
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