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I understand wholistic spiritual counseling is a guided spiritual conversation. I understand the goal of spiritual health coaching is to facilitate and restore harmony and balance in a non-invasive manner coaching the process of self-help and healing, with the aid of Spirit.  

This work is not a replacement for standard medical care. Rev. Dr. Eileen Joy Kurlander DD (h.c.) does not practice Conventional Medicine; the focus of health on the physical manifestations in the physical body with its healing goal to repair symptoms of diseased material substance which is of mind, intelligence and life itself. Eileen Kurlander practices Spiritual Healing. It includes a full spectrum understanding that health includes the soul and Spirit. Spiritual healing is healing all of the connectivity with forms from soul and spirit, healing the intuitive errors and mental blocks and re-harmonizing you, often restoring health.

Eileen is a Spiritual Health Coach and coaches you through your health/healing process. Eileen is not the cause of the changes. Change is within your control, the control of the individual. Spiritual Health Coaching complements traditional health care and can be used in collaboration with other approaches to health and healing. 

Ideal results require you to actively participate as much as possible in your own healing. Healing appointments are for the sole purpose of assisting you to BUILD YOUR OWN LIFE and HEALTH.
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